1. The city spends money un unnecessary things like “speed bumps”…and rather close the skate-park because of budget.

  2. [Pictured: Theatrical posters for Mi Vida Loca, Boyz N the Hood, Menace II Society and Blood In Blood Out]

    Some examples of gangs in film that  take place in Los Angeles. 



  4. Story from Streetgangs.com

    Young father made break from gangs but fight takes his life

  5. Example of “Safety Zone” radius.

  6. Anderson Cooper interviews a family who’s Son was killed in a drive by shooting and even though his shooting is caught on tape police are still unable to identify killer.


  7. The Opponents View.

    The opponents of these gang injunctions believe that the injunctions strip members of their constitutional rights.

    Increases stereotyping by the police department.

    Families are being broken up, due to this law enforcement harassment.

    For example a gang injunction was set to be imposed on the Echo Park area of Los Angeles, but activist and community members alike where determined to fight it. Because they believe it was a form of gentrifying a community as again the police targets solely minorities.

    It marginalizes the male in the communities these safety zones are said to protect, by incarcerating them repeatedly. Instead of giving them the opportunity to try an reform.

    The California Department of Corrections is already overflowing and has the highest jail/prison population with a 70% recidivism rate. Unfortunately, releasing other more violent criminals who have committed non gang related offenses. 

    Ironically making our communities more dangerous, especially the poverty stricken communities they were intended to help.



  8. Why the Proponets of gang injuctions believe they work..

    • It helps Police Department combat the overwhelming gang problem.
    • There are currently active gang injunctions, involving 72 gangs, according to LAPD’s website.
    • Helps clean up the communities’ street of defacement of private homes and city walls due to graffiti.
    • Can be seen as a preventive tool, in the sense that the youth and the areas next generation are no longer seeing these gangsters; hanging around selling and or using drugs, or the glamorized lifestyle the members promote to recruit the younger population.     
    & Restricts the gang members or “Street terrorist” from gathering which in turn prevents them from committing and/or trying to commit criminal activity.




    Intro: A Gang Injunction or “safety zone” was established on the basis of a civil law suit, filed against criminal street gangs, as known by California Penal Code Sec. 186.22. Civil gang injunctions are based on the doctrine of public nuisance, that prohibits behaviors that interfere with people’s right to peacefully enjoy their private property or freely walk the streets. California Civil Code Sec. 3480 states a public nuisance as “one which effects an entire community or neighborhood… although the extend of the annoyance or damage inflicted upon individuals maybe unequal”. For example some of the restrictions of the injunction are that it prohibits a gang and its members from engaging in certain activities; such as socializing and gathering with other members, and a curfew which does not allow them to stay out and away from home after 10pm. If in case one of these restrictions are broken they face up to 130 days of incarceration, fines up to $1,000 and possible revocation of probation/parole if already in legal issues. Overall it was established as a deterrent, as it is Law Enforcements job to protect the community it is serving. And this is their most Proactive way of doing so.


    (Gang member being served with a copy of their gang injunction)